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Why Should I Adopt a Senior Pet?

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Many pet owners and prospective pet owners can’t wait to adopt a cute puppy, but there are many adoptable pets that get overlooked because they are seniors.

Rescues like Grey Face Rescue & Retirement focus on these pets that may otherwise fall between the cracks. Grey Face is a non-profit, foster-based senior animal rescue founded in St. Cloud. Their motto is: “We strive to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with aging animals.” They focus on animals age 7 and up, and accept senior dogs of all breeds, medical conditions, behaviors, and backgrounds: “We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time.”

So why should pet owners adopt a senior dog? There are many reasons, but here are ten! The main things to recognize are:

  1. Senior pets likely still have years ahead of them, and they are just as adorable as any puppy!
  2. Senior pets are already potty-trained, may understand basic commands, and are much less likely to chew on your stuff! Unlike puppies, senior pets are house-broken, so they don’t require constant monitoring.
  3. It’s not true that an old dog can’t learn new tricks! Many senior pets enjoy training just as much as puppies do, so they can always learn beyond their current skills.
  4. Senior pets often have less energy than a puppy, so they may prefer a long cuddle session rather than a long play session.
  5. “Senior pet” does not necessarily equate to a long list of health issues. Some senior pets are perfectly healthy, while others may need more medical attention. You can choose to help a pet who requires more care, or you can choose a healthier dog if that’s what would be better for your lifestyle.

senior dog, reasons to adopt a senior dog, dog, senior dog adoption, dog health, dog owner

If your family is considering adding a new furry family member, consider adopting a senior pet from your local animal humane society or pet rescue. If you are not looking to adopt right now, consider one of these 10 ways for donating to a senior pet shelter like Grey Face Retirement in honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month. If there’s room in your home, consider being a foster for a senior pet in need of somewhere to live until a forever home is found.

Janine Hagen

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