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Walking Your Dog Part One

Posted January 27, 2015 @ 10:53am | by Heidi Brenegan, MBA, CVPM

Walking your dog in frigid temperatures requires cold weather gear to keep you and your dog safe, especially in Minnesota. Watch this video to learn about basic clothing for you both, as well as some helpful tips for cold weather walks.

Remember, 10°F or lower is too cold to take your dog for a walk! Above that should be fine, but it’s your call! If you do take your pet for a walk in colder weather, keep the walk short and make sure your pet is dressed warmly! This is especially important for dogs that don’t have a thick coat of fur.

Cold Weather Gear for Your Pet:

  1. Coat/Sweaters
  2. Booties
  3. Hats

Once you have your pet ready to brace the cold weather, make sure you are dressed warmly as well. How many layers you need depends on the temperature and your own judgment, but we recommend the usual: Winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and winter boots.

We hope you and your pets stay safe when the temperature starts dropping again and the cold weather returns!

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