Pets suffering from chronic pain experience a decreased ability to enjoy all aspects of their lives. You might notice that your eight-year-old Labrador is “slowing down a bit,” or that your cat is dropping food out of his mouth. Either of these situations (and many others) can indicate that a pet is experiencing pain. But your pet doesn’t have to live with pain! There are many ways that we can help.

Depending on the type of pain that is occurring, your pet may benefit from a consultation with one of our board-certified specialists. Typically, your family vet will make a referral for you. General, non-specific pain will likely be directed to our Internal Medicine department, while pets with orthopedic pain would require a consultation with Surgery. Either of these departments may recommend a referral to our Sport & Strength Department for a physical rehabilitation plan where appropriate. If the pain is oral pain, however, a consultation with Dentistry & Oral Surgery may be in order.