Locally-Owned in Oakdale and St. Paul, Minnesota

TLC Veterinary Hospital

After working together since 1997, Dr. Kathy Langness and Dr. Houston Clinch opened TLC Veterinary Hospital in 2005. This full-service animal hospital and veterinary clinic is located in Oakdale, MN.

TLC Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of products and services in a friendly and compassionate environment. The main reasons they feel their hospital is able to keep on the leading edge of veterinary medicine? Employing highly-trained staff as well as utilizing state-of-the-art equipment!

TLC performs complete medical examinations (preventative as well as illness-related), surgical procedures (performed in a modern surgical suite), digital radiography, endoscopy, and on-site laboratory testing. Here’s something else special about this hospital (and unusual in this day and age) – the veterinarians at TLC Veterinary Hospital provide house calls!

TLC Veterinary Hospital is also unique because of the importance they place on your pets’ oral care. Complete dental care and oral surgery options are available and are performed in a separate dental suite. At TLC, they believe preventative dental care (like daily brushing) is extremely important for patients; in addition, dental cleanings with digital dental radiographs are a must at least once a year.

TLC will also work in close conjunction with on-call professionals as needed, including board-certified veterinary surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, internists, radiologists (for expert interpretations and ultrasounds) and animal behaviorists.

At TLC Veterinary Hospital, their mission is to practice high-quality medicine, treating their patients as if they were their own pets.

As an emergency and specialty referral hospital, AERC has a number of member clinics throughout the Twin Cities. We highly value our relationships with these family veterinarians, including TLC Veterinary Hospital. We encourage every pet owner to have a family veterinarian for regular wellness check-ups and vaccinations. For a complete list of our member clinics, click here.


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