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Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Vet

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We understand that the vet clinic can be a scary experience for cats. That’s why we put together a list of tips to help make your cat’s visit less stressful.

At Home:

  1. Pet your cat from head to tail (like your veterinarian does) so your cat will get used to being held and touched. This includes touching your pet’s mouth and ears.
  2. Take the carrier out a few weeks before the appointment. Let your cat get used to the carrier by placing blankets, toys, and treats inside. You can also feed your cat inside the carrier.
  3. Take your cat for short car rides in his/her carrier. Start out by driving around the block and then work up to ten minute rides. Reward your cat’s good behavior.

At the Veterinary Clinic: 

  1. Find a cat-friendly veterinary clinic. Most veterinary clinics have separate entrances for cats and dogs or you can take your cat to a practice that only sees cats. If your clinic does not offer separate entrances, you can ask to be seated in an exam room right away.
  2. Spray a towel or blanket with a pheromone spray to help ease your cat’s stress. Place the towel or blanket over the carrier.
  3. Bring familiar objects such as toys, blankets, or articles of clothing to make your cat feel at home. You can also spray these objects with pheromone spray.
  4. Bring treats and reward your cat’s good behavior throughout the visit. Have your veterinarian offer a few treats as well.

Watch this video for more information on each of these tips:

Heidi Brenegan, Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

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