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Ten Reasons to Adopt a Dog Now!

October is ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and the Humane Society’s Adopt a Dog Month. A few months ago, I told you why you should adopt a cat. Now, it’s the dog’s turn! All my life, my family has had a dog. I can say this with complete confidence: having a dog is fantastic! Here’s why:
1. A dog will love you unconditionally. When you leave, a dog will wait for you to return and then smother you with kisses. You are his/her entire world.
2. Dogs excel at reading human emotions. If you are sad, a dog will cuddle you and remind you that someone cares.
3. Dogs can detect illnesses like cancer, low blood sugar, and seizures (before they happen). They are also great for preventing or helping people cope with illnesses, such as: PTSD, Autism, Eczema in kids, heart problems, depression, and dementia.
4. They are great protectors. Dogs know when their human companions are in danger. Most dogs, if pressed, will step up to defend you. There have also been countless stories of real-life Lassies saving their humans from danger.
5. They help you stay fit! Dogs require walks. This means you are required to go for a walk or a run every day, too.
6. They make for great feet warmers! Most dogs will want to sleep in your bed or snuggle with you while you are watching TV.
7. Dogs are great for kids. They teach responsibility. Did your kid throw a fit because the dog chewed up a baseball glove, socks, or shoes? Well, perhaps your kid then learned to put stuff away! Plus, kids learn a lot about love and patience from a furry family member. Having a dog also helps kids with social development and cognitive development.
8. Dogs can be trained to do amazing things, and I don’t mean bringing back a stick. Tricks are fun, but dogs are capable of so much more like keeping their humans from eating a food they are allergic to, making sure the kids are all in bed, and they’ll bark their heads off if the teenager is trying to sneak out! Don’t even get me started on how amazing service dogs are.
9. If you adopt a dog, you are saving a life. I highly suggest adopting a dog from a shelter or the humane society. If you adopt a dog, you will also be saving another dog that will get to take your dog’s place in the shelter and have a chance at a great future. Also, older dogs require less training. Plus, most shelter and the humane society have a veterinarian examine all animals and pay for operations like “getting fixed.”
10. They are made of an overwhelming amount of cuteness, loyalty, and compassion.
Go on, go find your new best friend!

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