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Ten Reasons to Adopt A Cat Now!

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June is Adopt a Cat Month! If you’re considering adopting a cat, I will tell why you should go down to the Humane Society or contact your favorite local cat rescue and adopt right now!

Cats are adorable, cute balls of fur, at any age. But if that’s not enough of a motive, here are ten more reasons why cats make great pets:

  1. They are cuddly and love to snuggle up to anyone who will pet them.
  2. They can be trained at any age. An older cat will already be litterbox-trained, but you can always train them to learn tricks, how to play fetch, and to sleep at night.
  3. They’re great hunters. It’s like a sixth sense to know when an unwanted critter is in the home. Most cats will go after a bug and kill it. After killing it, my cats always sit and meow next to the bug until I clean it up. It’s great pest control!
  4. They heal faster than dogs, which usually results in lower medical bills. Sometimes, a dog might need surgery for an injury while a cat (with the same injury) just needs antibiotics. Some people avoid adopting an older cat because of health issues, but remember, age doesn’t always mean a list of problems. My two cats are about eleven years old and they have yet to acquire any diseases.
  5. They can be left inside all day. They don’t have to be let outside to use the bathroom and they don’t need to be monitored while inside. Always make sure to leave them plenty of water and to change the litter box regularly, though.
  6. They don’t need to be bathed. Cats can keep themselves clean which saves you a lot of work of getting them into a tub of water.
  7. They are playful if you give them a chance. My cats are old, but they are still active. They love chasing around a laser dot, ribbons, strings, and anything that moves. These also make for inexpensive toys; just remember not to leave ribbon and string out unmonitored or your cat might eat it and require surgery!
  8. They are quiet creatures. They meow and purr, but overall, they aren’t too noisy. If the doorbell rings, they won’t alarm everyone in the house by barking. They spend a lot of time asleep!
  9. They love you unconditionally. Many cats seem to sense when you’re sad or anxious and will do everything in their power to comfort you.
  10. Two is better than one. No pet wants to be alone. Having two cats is great because they entertain each other. By the time you’re home from work, they won’t be as wound up if they have a friend.

Go adopt a cat (or two) this month…or any month really!

Janine Hagen


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