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10 Must-Have’s for Your Rabbit’s First Aid Kit

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One of the best ways a pet parent can prepare ahead for a pet emergency is by having a pet first aid kit. We have a list of first aid must-have’s for dogs and cats here, and now here’s one for rabbits! Remember that first aid should only be undertaken until such time as your rabbit can be seen by a veterinarian. Prey species, like rabbits, often do not display signs of illness until they are already very sick. If your rabbit is acting sick, please seek veterinary care. 

Like any pet first aid kit, it’s best to keep supplies in a backpack, tackle box, toiletry bag, or similar item.  

Here’s what you’ll need for your rabbit’s first aid kit: 

  1.  Critical Care Herbivore (hand-feeding food). Measure 1.75 Tbsp dry product per pound of rabbit body weight, then mix one part dry product with two parts warm water to reach a consistency appropriate for syringe feeding. Divide this mixture over 4-6 feedings per day. 
  2. A syringe for hand feeding.
  3. Simethicone to be given if your rabbit is not eating. Give 1mL once, may give a second dose 30 minutes later if needed. 
  4. Artificial tears for eye irritation. Apply one drop to eye as needed.
  5. Styptic powder (such as Kwik-Stop) to clot a bleeding toenail.
  6. Sterile gauze for wound compresses.
  7. Sterile saline for wound cleansing.
  8. A rectal thermometer. 
  9. Towels for wrapping and transport.
  10. Appropriate size carrier for safe transport in emergencies. If you have multiple rabbits, make sure you have one carrier per bun! We recommend storing your first aid kit nearby or inside this carrier for quick access in an emergency.  

BONUS: Hand sanitizer and Latex or nitrile gloves – for yourself, not the rabbit!

rabbit, pet rabbit, rabbit first aid kit, rabbit health, Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota, Avian & Exotic Medicine Service

We hope you find this list helpful as you get your rabbit’s first aid kit started. If you have questions on additional items, talk to your family veterinarian to learn more. 


 Seeking veterinary care for your rabbit? All of our local veterinary partners who see rabbits are listed on our website: https://aercmn.com/about-us/locally-owned/ 

Need referral care for your rabbit? You can set up an appointment with Dr. Bean, who is board-certified in exotic companion mammal practice, through our Avian & Exotic Medicine Service. Learn more here: https://aercmn.com/veterinary-services/avian-exotic-medicine 

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