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Spring Cleaning Part II: Clean for Your Pets Too

If you haven’t read Part I yet, click here to learn how to keep your pets safe from toxic cleaning supplies.

Spring cleaning is a long-time tradition in many households. Warmer weather, fresh air and longer days all contribute to our feelings of wanting to open the windows and clean the house that we’ve been cooped up in during the cold winter months. While you’re completing your spring cleaning chores, take time to spruce up your four-legged friend’s confines as well. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Take inventory of medications.

Dispose of any unused or expired medications, flea and tick preventative, and other products. Be sure to dispose of medications properly. Medications dropped down the sink, flushed down the toilet, or put into the trash may end up in our waterways where they can affect wildlife or even our own drinking water. Pharmacies contain drop boxes for free disposal of most medications; however, some prescription pain relievers may need to be disposed of at a law enforcement agency drop box.

2. Bedding.

Assess your pet’s bedding and blankets and replace if they’re showing excessive wear.  Wash blankets and removable bedding covers.

3. Toys. 

We all have that one toy our dog never liked, yet we’ve still had it for three years. Why not donate it or throw it out?  For toys that have been well loved, throw them away if they are showing their age.  Most plush toys can be washed and dried like clothing.  Rubber or Kong toys can be hand washed with dish soap, rinsed well and dried.

4. Patrol the yard.

Make sure the yard is clean, there may have been a lot under that recently melted snow that still needs to be picked up. Look for any areas of fencing that might be damaged or worn and make needed repairs. Check your yard for any debris or hazards that need to be removed to prevent injury to your pet.

5. Crates and litter boxes.

Hopefully, you are cleaning these regularly! However, this is a good time for a more thorough cleaning. Take apart crates and covered litter boxes and deep clean in those crevices.  Scrubbing with soap and water is sufficient in most cases. If you choose to use bleach, make sure to rinse well, and allow plenty of time to air harmful fumes before use.

We hope this list gives you some inspiration! Happy spring cleaning!

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