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Rules for the Dog on Turkey Day | Thanksgiving Pet Safety

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Nothing makes a dog drool more than a feast of human food. Fido will go from lap to lap, begging for some bites and when the kids aren’t looking, he might be tempted to devour the plate full of food.

We see two problems with this scenario.

1. Table Scraps

Human food is meant for humans. Do not feed your dog bits of undercooked turkey while basting or pieces of turkey with bones. A little bit of well-cooked, boneless turkey is okay for a small treat, but don’t get carried away. A small (very small) portion of mashed potatoes or gravy mixed in with dog food is also safe. However, do not let your dog have a meal based off of your Thanksgiving dinner though. Dogs should not eat too much of any human food. If your dog does get too much, it can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, or pancreatitis, which can even be life-threatening. Also, keep in mind that “small” is relative, according to the size of the dog. If you have a Labrador that weighs fifty pounds, a bite of turkey is probably fine. The same-sized bite, however, can cause problems for a three-pound Maltese.

2. Moocher Pooch

If your dog likes to go up to each person at the table with those puppy eyes and a strand of drool hanging, don’t let your guests give in. Remind each person at the table that table scraps can be dangerous for your dog. Even better, keep your dog in a separate room while everyone is eating. That way, even kind-hearted Aunt Ethel won’t be tempted to give in to your dog.

Feed your dog his/her usual dinner, and keep your dog entertained with a Kong toy or homemade pumpkin treats. The most important thing is that your dog doesn’t get too much human food from mooching off of all of your guests.

With these two things in mind, we hope your family and your pets have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! If your pet has an emergency over the holiday, both of our clinics are open 24/7 and will be there to help you and your pet!

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