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Purrfect Gifts for Pet Lovers

Looking for the purrfect gift for that dog, cat, or “other” lover in your life? Here are our top five favorites!

1. You may already know this, but Etsy has fantastic gifts, all homemade, for every pet lover on your list. We think these cat tree ornaments are hilariously offbeat and fun, and you can get dog tree ornaments too! Probably too late to order by Christmas, but maybe next year?

2. Know someone who just got (or is getting) a dog?(FYI, the holidays are the WORST time to get a new pet! Just sayin’!) This fun and useful “New Dog Kit” from Trend Hunter will get them off on the right paw, with a dog toy, treats, waste bags, and a clicker for training.

3. Ever wonder what breeds make up your mixed mutt? We certainly would love to know what Sally the Wonder Dog is! Now you can find out, with the Wisdom Panel Breed Identification Test. Knowing your dog’s breed history can help you be aware of possible breed-specific medical issues in the future, and we’re always in favor of that!

4. Now, we know no one really likes to brush their pets’ teeth. But did you know that periodontal disease is present in 80% of cats and dogs by the time they are 5 years old? Whether you like to or not, it is essential to your pet’s health that they receive daily oral care. Talk to your family vet if you have any questions about how to safely brush your dog or cat’s teeth. And get a toothpaste designed for pets!

5. Lastly, and this may sound self-serving, but we think the perfect gift for ANY pet lover is a gift certificate to the veterinary clinic (or emergency & referral center!) Most veterinary clinics offer a gift certificate or have a way to place a credit on account for services to be incurred at a future date. Unexpected veterinary bills are a fact of life, and you can give the pet lover in your life the best gift of all the next time his or her pet needs care—peace of mind!

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