Companion animals come in all shapes and sizes. We offer advice and treatment for animals ranging from dogs and cats to small mammals (such as guinea pigschinchillashedgehogsrabbitsferretsmiceratshamstersgerbils, and sugar gliders), reptilesamphibians, and birds. In fact, if you’ve got a exotic pet, we’re the only emergency clinics in Minnesota that have this much experience with these types of pets. We understand the special needs of these special animals, and treat them with as much care, expertise, and attention to detail as we do with our canine and feline patients.

We’ve been providing emergency care to companion animals for almost 40 years, and we’re also a specialty referral center. Please see our Services page to view all of the different ways in which we can help your pet.

In addition to the high-quality medicine we provide, our patients enjoy  a lot of TLC from our staff members. It’s not uncommon for a feline patient to receive a kiss on the top of his head from one of our veterinarians, or for a cuddly rottweiler to fall asleep while receiving a much-appreciated ear-scratching session from a team member.

As pet owners ourselves, we truly care about your pet.