Andrew Rogen, DVM, DACVO is our board-certified ophthalmologist. Eye disease can affect your pet whether they are young or old. Your veterinarian can treat many conditions; however, changes in vision or comfort may result in your family veterinarian recommending a referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Whether your pet is experiencing vision loss, squinting, and/or discharge – determining a diagnosis starts with a comprehensive eye exam. The exam begins with evaluating your pet’s vision. A specialized hand-held device (slit lamp biomicroscope) is used to evaluate the eye surface and eye structures in microscopic detail. The retina is then evaluated using a head-mounted light and specialized lens to complete the exam.

Many common eye problems are diagnosed after a thorough eye exam. In some cases, however, additional testing may be required. For each patient, we will develop an individualized treatment plan and discuss their prognosis.

Maintaining your pet’s eye health is critical to their overall health and quality of life. At Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota, our Ophthalmology Service is committed to caring for your pet’s vision and comfort.

If your pet has eye-related problems or disease, call us at (651) 501-3766 today, or ask your family veterinarian for a referral.