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New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

The following are resolutions that you and your pets can consider adopting for the upcoming New Year.  These resolutions are all aimed at improving family life around the home and strengthening the bond you have with your pets.

DOG: I will increase my fiber intake eating all the rabbit poop I can find.  I will even eat more of my own poop.
CAT: I will balance my diet by eating every fly, spider and centipede I find.
HUMAN: I will feed a consistent amount to meet my pets’ caloric needs and avoid over-feeding. I can work with my veterinarian to calculate this amount.

DOG: I will help my humans to remember to exercise by jumping around like my tail’s on fire every time they glance in the general direction of my leash.
CAT: I will demonstrate to my humans the importance of exercise commitment by sprinting like an insane cheetah from room to room every single night when the lights go out.
HUMAN: I will engage my pet in play or some other type of activity every day of the week.

DOG: I will clean the cat’s litter box.  By ‘clean’, I mostly mean ‘eat all of the poop’.  Sometimes I will just remove the poop from the litterbox and place it some distance away.
CAT: I will keep the tile and hardwood floors clean by puking only on the carpet, rugs and beds.
HUMAN: I will brush, trim, wash, clip, clean or otherwise groom my pet according to its needs on a regular basis.  Or I will hire someone to do it.

DOG: I will improve the heart health of my humans by dragging them by leash after every squirrel, rabbit, or dog I see.
CAT: I will boost my humans’ immune systems by walking repeatedly across kitchen counters and the dinner table immediately after exiting my litter box.
HUMAN: I will find a veterinarian for my pets and take them in for regular check-ups and vaccinations. I will also get the phone number of the nearest emergency vet and find out where they are located.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, we hope you and your pets have a happy and safe 2016! Remember, if your pet experiences an emergency this year and your regular vet is unavailable, both our Oakdale and St. Paul clinics are open 24/7.

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