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Lumps and Bumps in My Pet’s Mouth

February is Pet Dental Health Month! AERC’s dentistry team is here to teach you about an important aspect of your pet’s mouth: lumps and bumps. There are many different lumps and bumps in the mouth. Some are normal and are only noticed once owners, veterinarians, and technicians actually look in the mouth.

Incisive Papillae in dog’s mouth


Oral masses often go unnoticed by pet owners and sometimes the veterinary team until the mass reaches an advanced stage. This is why it is important to recognize and evaluate the condition when the oral mass is first noticed.

Another confusing aspect about abnormal lumps and bumps is that they can appear to be very similar to each other; the reason that different kinds of lumps and bumps can look the same is that tissues of the mouth react in a limited number of ways, with swelling and inflammation appearing for different reasons.

Generally speaking, there are a small number of life-threatening tumors that can spread in the body, a large number of masses that cause damage inside the mouth, and a lot of swellings that are caused by inflammation and can look like other masses. The one thing they all have in common? All abnormal lumps and bumps of the mouth can cause chronic and progressive discomfort and pain in our pets and should be diagnosed and treated.

The point is that lumps and bumps in the mouth can look similar but due to different causes. Some are easily treated and others require advanced life-saving measures.


You should have your pet’s mouth carefully examined by professional veterinary staff every year. If active oral disease has been diagnosed previously, then your pet’s mouth should be examined more frequently (every 3-6 months). If you notice any concerning bumps, lumps, or any other problems in your pet’s mouth, make an appointment with your veterinarian. If your veterinarian does not offer dental services, you can always ask for a referral to the dentistry serviceat Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota.

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