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Look Out for Gorilla Glue!

Posted September 4, 2012 @ 12:43pm | by AERC

Unfortunately, the useful nature of Gorilla Glue becomes hazardous to the curious pet! Typically, dogs will ingest the glue from recent spills, from a dab of fresh glue on a paper towel, or from chewing on the bottle itself.  While the product is nontoxic, the ingestion of this glue will still lead to serious complications.   The glue immediately reacts with the esophageal and stomach fluids, rapidly expanding and then hardening into a foam-like, fitted, indigestible mass.  Even seemingly small amounts, once ingested, can lead to gastrointestinal obstructions as the materials expand to 3-4 times their original volume! Typically these masses, called cyano-bezoars, require surgical removal.

If your dog has a cyano-bezoar, he or she might vomit, have a bloated abdomen, pain, refuse to eat, or be lethargic. Such symptoms may occur at anytime from 15 minutes to 20 hours post exposure to the glue.  At surgery, most of these foam-objects will shell easily out of the stomach in one piece!   While the ingestion of small quantities of the glue may develop into objects tiny enough to pass through a large dog, most cases require surgery.

In cases of known ingestions of Gorilla Glue, the dog should be immediately examined and radiographs and/or ultrasound be pursued.  Inducing vomiting is not be recommended as the material may lodge in the esophagus or be aspirated into the lungs.  While surgery is generally required, the actual removal of the material is reported to be quite easy and complete.  Unless there are anesthetic or surgical complications, the prognosis with surgical intervention is typically good.  The following photo is a picture of a gastric cyano-bezoar surgically removed from a dog after Gorilla Glue ingestion!

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