Director of Human Operations

Leah has been with AERC since 2014, although she originally started with us working on the emergency team, and eventually transitioned off of patient care and into HR-Land! She is currently working on attaining a BS degree in HR, in fact. Leah brings a very caring sensibility to her position, and she is truly amazeballs at what she does.

Leah has a whole lot of pets at home including her dogs, Lucy and James, her cats, Chupe, Ella, and Bosco, her Bearded Dragon, Elvis, and three chickens that Leah took in when they needed a home–Penny, Maggie, and Annie.

Outside of AERC, Leah has a very active and interesting life! Among her many interests are yoga, gardening, travelling, as well as chillin’ with her dogs and hangin’ out with her hubs.