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How to Have a Happy, Healthy Cat

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Cats come in all different colors, sizes, and attitudes. From playful cats who think they are dogs to grumpy cats: no two cats are alike. But most cats can agree on what makes them happy and healthy, which is all that really matters!
So, how can you help your cat lead a happy, healthy life? It’s quite simple:

  1. Have space meant just for your cat. It’s no secret, cats love to sleep. Having an area that’s just for him/her will make your cat happy. Have an area for a cat playground or even just a bed that’s away from other pets–especially the dog– or kids so the cat can enjoy some peace and quiet. Also, if you are curled up and reading a good book, your cat will perceive this as a cozy place to cuddle. Don’t get upset; be happy your cat wants some quality cuddling time. Take a short break from your book to pet your cat and then resume by strategically holding the book to avoid disrupting your happy kitty!
  2. Provide scratch posts for your cat. This is especially important for cats that are not declawed. It’s an instinct for them. Cats love to scratch to stretch out their joints and muscles. Instead of eliminating this natural behavior, encourage your cat to scratch a post.
  3. Make time for playing. Cats enjoy time to play with toys, from balls to anything hanging that they can swat. If you have a cat that’s more active, fetch is a great activity to teach them.
  4. Clean your cat’s litter box. Would you like to continuously go to the bathroom in a place that’s dirty and smelly? Probably not. Cats are high maintenance as far as pets go. If the litter box is full, your cat may go to the bathroom somewhere else. Make sure you regularly clean out your cat’s litter box, especially if it is shared upon multiple cats.
  5. Groom your cat. Speaking of high maintenance, cats usually like some pampering. Brushing your cat is important to keep his or her coat healthy. Plus, a good brushing leaves your cat purring like it’s the greatest moment in his/her life.
  6. Keep your cat healthy. Visits to the veterinarian makes most cats unhappy, but it does keep them healthy. It’s important to take your cat in to the vet regularly so your vet will be aware of what’s going on with your cat. You can catch a disease or symptoms of a problem earlier if you bring your cat to the vet. You also want to keep your cat’s vaccines up to date, as well as preventive health care for fleas, ticks, heartworms, etc…

Now, go give your happy, healthy cat some play time!

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