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Halloween Pumpkin Goodies for Pets!

At Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota, the “holiday season” starts with Halloween. What, you say? Too early? Well, it’s not too early for dogs to get into Halloween buckets and binge on chocolate and other treats that can cause pancreatitis or chocolate toxicosis. Then, of course, comes Thanksgiving with its turkey bones and carcasses to raid. Then there’s Christmas, with all of the hazards that pine needles, tinsel, and holiday chocolates and pies can bring.

This year, we want to share with you some “pet-safe” goodies! We all want to spoil our pets as we spoil our other family members, but we don’t have to jeopardize their health while we do it.

Follow this link for beautiful pumpkin and peanut butter dog treats that you can make for your own dog. They’re so pretty that you can give them to other dog lovers as a gift!
And here’s a quick and easy pumpkin dog biscuit from Rachael Ray!
Let’s not forget the cats! Here’s another Rachael Ray recipe for salmon cakes, but pay attention to portion sizes! Feeding your cat the entire batch of salmon cakes in one serving might result in one sick kitty!

And if you’d just prefer to buy rather than cook, you can always pick up these pumpkin and catnip cat treats! Only the best for your cat!

Any of these healthy, delicious options beats the pants off a trip to the emergency clinic on Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day! So include your pet in the fun, but do so safely, and monitor closely your countertops and garbage cans! Happy holidays!


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