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Gifting Flowers for Pet Parents | Valentine’s Day

Close-up of a variety of roses in pink, purple, orange, and cream.

If you witnessed or strongly suspect your pet was exposed to Easter lilies or any other toxic type of lily, this is considered an “ORANGE” – or urgent case – on our Fast Track Triage system. We recommend calling ASPCA Animal Poison Control at 888-426-4435 for help determining if your pet consumed a toxic amount and for guidance on what to do next. If veterinary care is advised, call your family veterinarian or local animal emergency hospital ahead of your arrival.

In February of 2024, Heather Johnson, a Horticulturist with Bachman’s Floral, joined us on Facebook Live for recommendations for pet-safe flowers you can confidently gift to your pet-owning Valentine. You can watch the video replay to see examples of each gift idea!



Many different types of flowers and plants are toxic to pets. For example, lilies are extremely dangerous to cats and can cause kidney failure. Many bulb plants such as tulips are also toxic. Before you buy any type of floral arrangement for the pet parent in your life, check ASPCA’s Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant Guide to ensure the seeds, plants, or bouquet are safe.  

Safe Floral Options:  

  • Orchids 
  • Miniature roses or single stem roses (careful of the thorns) 
  • Heart hoyas succulent plants 
  • Faux flowers with a silk stem 

Learn about more Valentine’s Day pet safety do’s and don’ts here 

Visit Bachman’s website to shop plants, flowers, and gifts or to find a location near you. 

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