The Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota (AERC) provides educational programs to teach kids animal safety and pet responsibility.

We currently offer the following programs:

Dog Bite Prevention

  • Learn what a dog’s body language means
  • How to behave around dogs
  • How to approach a dog and how to pet a dog
  • What to do if a dog runs toward you

Responsible Pet Owner

  • Different types of pets
  • What pets need
  • Laws related to pets
  • Medical attention for pets

Each educational program is 30-45 minutes long and includes:

  • A verbal presentation with visual aids
  • A video related to the topic
  • Domesticated furry friends to help teach

Interested classrooms can also plan a field trip to our Oakdale clinic. Students will tour our facility and learn about our animal patients and how we help them!

Programs meet many of the Minnesota education standards. To schedule a program for your classroom, please contact Heidi Brenegan at, or (651) 501-3759, ext 114.