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Five Reasons Your Pet is Thankful for You

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Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, bird, ferret, rabbit, hamster, or any other kind of pet, there’s one thing of which you can be sure – your pet is thankful to have you! Since our pets can’t speak in the same way that we humans do, and because some pets aren’t great at showing it (we’re looking at you, cats!) we’re going to clue you in on ten reasons your pet is thankful for you.

1. Food

Sure, it’s a basic necessity, but many of you go above and beyond to provide not only what your pet wants, but what is good for her. We see you – shopping for just the right canned food for your cat, buying that expensive hypoallergenic food for your dog, and chopping fresh fruits and vegetables for your lizard. You rock! And your pet thinks so, too!

2. A Warm Place to Sleep

Whether your pet sleeps in a kennel, a pet bed, a bird cage, or your bed, he’s lucky to have the shelter and comfort you provide. So many pets are in need of a home, but yours can take that basic necessity (and a cozy sleeping spot) for granted. So thank you – and quit hogging the blankets – from your pet.

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3. Entertainment and Exercise

We’re grouping these two together since not all pets need exercise. But most pets need some kind of variety in their environment, and we know that it’s important to you to make sure your pet’s brain is as well-fed as his body. Hours and hours at the dog park? Check. The largest cat tree known to mankind? Yup. The spiffiest aquarium castle money can buy? Uh-huh. Shine bright like a diamond, baby.

4. Love and Attention

So maybe you have one of those kitties who, by all outward appearances, really can’t stand the sight of you. “Heidi,” I hear you saying, “my cat can’t stand the sight of me. How can you tell me she’s thankful for my love and attention?” Hold on, kemosabe. I can say this because I work in an animal hospital. Most cats, even famously indifferent ones, become thankful for your love and attention once they lack it for several days. Just know that underneath that steely gaze is a soft squishy heart. The knowledge may have to be enough for you. Or you could get a Golden Retriever. Your call.

5. Veterinary Care

While this is a shameless plug, and while most pets don’t appear to really be thankful for veterinary care, believe me, they are. Since most of us don’t have pet insurance, it can be costly, I know. And yet, your dog got that critical oral surgery last year where they had to extract four teeth (oh wait, that was my dog…) and your cat was treated for intestinal parasites, and your fish – well, I don’t know anything about fish care but I’m sure you did your best there, too. Regular checkups and preventive care are important, and you do all that. You’re a marvel.

dog, looking at human, thankful pets, pet owners, pet parents, why your pet is thankful for you, Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

We hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving, even more, knowing that your pets are as thankful to have you in their lives as you are to have them in yours! Now go eat yourself into a food coma.

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