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Fur-Tunately: Stories of Animal Survival | Episode IV: The Usual Suspect: An AERC Tribute to Film Noir

Of all the veterinary emergency rooms in all the towns in all the world, Rory walked into AERC’s. Or rather, his owner brought him in. Dr. Thell took one look at Rory and knew one thing: he was in pain, and he was the usual suspect for a feline urinary obstruction. But more on that later. Rory wasn’t happy to see us, and he gave our technician a look

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Winter Clothing Guide for Dogs

As temperatures drop in Minnesota, we can simply bundle up in layers, thick hats, and insulated boots to go out in the chilly, winter weather. But what about our dogs? They need protection from the cold, too, and they need you to determine what winter clothing and gear they should wear. As you make this decision every day before allowing your dog outside, here are a few tips to

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AERC’s Top 10 Blogs of 2020

So long, 2020! As this difficult year full of changes and challenges comes to an end, we’re keeping our fingers, toes, and paws crossed for a better 2021. In preparation for our annual “top blogs” of the year compilation, we reviewed all of our blog articles from 2020, noting the shift from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic content. So while our “Top 10 Blogs of 2020” list contains our most popular

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Common Christmas Pet Dangers | An Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Christmas is approaching and during this holiday season, our animal emergency hospital sees a trend of holiday-themed pet dangers that could have been prevented. To help your family avoid a trip to our ER this Christmas, we’ve compiled some of our previous blogs to create this ultimate list of the most common Christmas pet dangers and how to avoid them. 1. Holiday Décor Plants There are many types of

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Pet Loss During the Holidays

During the holiday season, we are encouraged to be thankful, joyous, and giving. For those experiencing the loss of a beloved animal companion, these holiday expectations can be overwhelming.  It is common to feel disconnected from the merriment of others and experience sorrow at the loss of your family member, anger towards those who don’t understand, guilt over decisions made or not made as well as having moments of

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Antifreeze Poisoning in Pets

Minnesota winters are cold! Frigid temperatures mean an increased risk of pets being exposed to toxic substances like antifreeze. There are three different types of antifreeze solutions on the market: methanol, propylene glycol, and ethylene glycol. All three of these have the risk of being toxic to your pets, but ethylene glycol is the most lethal. Here’s the breakdown of what pet owners need to know about each of

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Thanksgiving Feast: What Can I Share with My Pets? What Shouldn’t I Share?

We know this Thanksgiving will look different for many families. As you prepare Thanksgiving dinner at home (or put out the takeout food from a local restaurant or catering company), your dog and cat may be eager to join the Thanksgiving feast. But don’t give in to the puppy eyes and begging without first knowing which foods are safe for them to eat. Many foods that we enjoy at

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Top 5 Winter Pet Dangers

As Minnesotans transition from fall to winter, it’s important to remember that our pets are adapting too. Whether you and your pets love Minnesota’s winters or you both wish you could be snowbirds, the snow and decrease in temperature means it’s time to be extra mindful of the additional potential pet emergencies that come with winter. With that being said, here are the top five most common winter pet

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Shelties & the Lance Tooth: Understanding this Genetic Tooth Abnormality

Shetland Sheepdogs, or Shelties, are fluffy, lovable dogs who look like smaller Collies. If you are a Sheltie owner or fan, you may have heard the news about a recent discovery of the genetic cause of the “lance tooth”, a tooth abnormality commonly found in Shelties, and how it relates to body size. Here is a breakdown of what Sheltie owners (as well as any curious dog lovers) need

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Can My Pet Eat Nuts?

Whether a container of mixed nuts accidentally spilled on the floor or if you’ve ever been tempted by those puppy eyes, many pet owners have wondered: Can my pet eat nuts? Are nuts poisonous to my pet?  Well, in general, nuts are too fatty (and in most cases, too salty) for our pets to consume. Keep in mind that for a 50-pound dog, one-quarter cup of peanuts represents an

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