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Understanding Water Intoxication in Pets

Imagine this scenario: It’s a warm, sunny Saturday so you and your dog head to the lake. The next few hours are filled with swimming, playing fetch, and enjoying other water activities. When it’s time to head home, you notice your dog is a bit sluggish and wobbly. He’s probably just tired from the unusually active day… But in the morning, your dog only seems worse. You rush him

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The Dos and Don’ts of Raising Monarch Caterpillars

About a decade ago, my husband gave up the arduous task of mowing the grass on the steep hill that runs the length of our property. Instead, we killed the grass and planted native prairie. Since then, other flowers and plants have blown in on the wind or were brought in by pollinators. One of those is milkweed – the staple food of monarch caterpillars. Every year, my kids

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5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home

During this pandemic, some pets may have grown too accustomed to their owners being home 24/7. As businesses reopen and more people return to work, we want to remind pet owners to pet-proof their homes and keep potential toxins out of your pet’s reach. Here are five tips on how to pet-proof your home as you prepare to return to your pre-pandemic schedule. 1. Keep Out the Toxins The

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Pet Fire Safety: Preventing Pets from Causing House Fires

Home fires occur all too often, putting our lives and our pet’s lives at risk. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 40,000 pets die in fires every year and approximately 750 of home fires are started by pets or wild animals. The American Red Cross has found that the majority of the fires are preventable. To help keep our homes and our pets safe, here are

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Summer Heat Risks for Pets

As the weather warms up, Minnesotans are excited to enjoy some outdoor fun with their pets. But higher temperatures mean increased heat risks for pets and unfortunately, our ER sees a high volume of heat stress cases throughout the summer. These cases are preventable. Every year, we create content to inform pet owners about heat risks; below, we’ve compiled all of this valuable information as an easy reference on

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Fur-tunately: Stories of Animal Survival | Episode II: Puppy Survives an Accidental Shooting

Meet Riley, a four-month-old mixed-breed dog. Her owners were away at work, and a brother-in-law who lived with them was at home, performing maintenance on a firearm.  The gun accidentally discharged, hitting Riley in the chest. Without delay, the brother-in-law brought her to AERC, and her owners left work to be with Riley at our hospital. When they arrived, they approved all of the emergency care that our team

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Hot Spots on Dogs

It’s one in the morning and you wake up to the sound of your dog incessantly licking at the base of his tail- over and over and over. You turn on the light to discover the area he is licking is now red, raw, and sensitive to the touch. This is a familiar scenario for many dog owners, but the first incident is often, understandably, filled with panic. The

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5 Things Emergency Vets Want Cat Owners to Know

Oh, the life of a cat owner! From 2:00 a.m. zoomies, to “I-can-see-the-bottom-of-the-bowl” catastrophes, to not being able to have “nice things” – maybe they all balance out when one is the Honored Chosen Lap. The bond between feline companions and cat owners is special but can also be stressful! As an ER veterinarian (and a fellow cat owner!) there are five things I wish I could tell all

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What to Do If Your Pet Is Overheated

Heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, is a common pet emergency during these warmer months.  Dogs are not able to cool themselves by sweating the way people do.  Instead, they primarily cool themselves by panting. They only sweat a small amount from their paw pads.  This makes them more sensitive to heat stress. If a dog is very active or left in a warm environment, such as a car, they

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Fur-tunately: Stories of Animal Survival | Episode I: Needle Fight Club

Scooter, a one-year-old kitten, was playing with a sewing needle and thread. Before her owner could take it away from her, Scooter suddenly appeared to become startled and ran off. Had Scooter possibly swallowed the needle or poked herself with it?  In an attempt to discover the answer, Scooter was brought to AERC’s Emergency Service. Scooter’s Treatment When Scooter arrived, she was swallowing hard and her breathing was not

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