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Quick Guide: Spring Pet Hazards

Spring is a wonderful time of year in Minnesota!  As the snow melts, everyone is happy to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather; however, as pets get outside with their owners, they are at risk for illness or injury.  Please be aware of the following hazards to your pet this spring! 1. Dangers in the Yard Fertilizers,  Herbicides, & Pesticides: Many lawn chemicals contain toxic ingredients that are

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Early Detection of Cancer in Dogs and Cats: 5 Things Pet Owners Can Do

Cancer affects approximately six million pets every year. This disease is caused by uncontrolled cell growth, and since there are many distinct types of cells in the body, there are many different types of cancer. The behavior of the cancer in the body, recommended treatments, and prognosis all depend on the type of cancer, so getting an exact diagnosis is vital to determine the next steps. The best chance for a successful cancer treatment though is early detection. So what can pet owners do to help find a pet’s

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Common Easter Pet Dangers

Happy Easter! Many people celebrate with Easter egg hunts, baskets full of fun goodies for the kids, beautiful spring bouquets, and a Sunday feast. For pet owners though, the holiday also poses many hazards. From deadly plants to toxic foods to dangerous décor, here are the six most common Easter pet dangers!   1. Easter Lilies  While they are beautiful flowers, Easter lilies are extremely toxic to cats – as are several other plants of the genus Lilium and Hemerocallis. Easter, tiger, stargazer, daylilies, and many other types of lilies can cause

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Essential oils have become a very popular trend. The calming aromas are diffused into the air, applied to skin and hair, added to hygiene products, and more! But before you go running for your oils, we invite you to sit back, relax, and ask yourself, “Are my essential oils safe for my pet?”  We know what you’re thinking – “They’re natural!” “They have so many health benefits!” and “Why wouldn’t they be?” Well, you may be surprised to learn that

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Seven St. Patrick’s Day Pet Dangers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! No matter your heritage, this holiday has become a day to celebrate Irish culture with traditional foods, beers, music, dancing, and green – green everywhere! With parades and usual festivities canceled due to the pandemic, we’re left with the option to celebrate at home. Pets will therefore have more exposure to potential toxins and hazards. But you don’t have to trust your pet’s health to luck! Protect them by keeping them away from these seven common St. Patrick’s

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Fur-Tunately: Stories of Animal Survival | Episode V: Dante the Great Dane’s GDV Inferno

Our tale is certainly not Dante’s Inferno. But for the hero of our story, Dante the Great Dane, the severe pain he endured just might be comparable to hellfire and brimstone! So without further ado, we introduce to you the five circles of Dante the Great Dane’s GDV Inferno. Circle One: The Twist  Before we can get to Dante’s story, we have to backtrack and explain Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), also known as

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Pet Euthanasia: Making the Difficult Decision

Making the decision to say goodbye is one of the hardest decisions a pet parent will face. Our pets are beloved family members and knowing the “right” time to euthanize can be an overwhelming prospect. As you weigh the options and assess your pet’s quality of life, we want to provide some insight on the pet euthanasia process in order to provide comfort and assurance as you consider your pet’s final care.    Knowing When It’s Time to

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My Pet’s Heart Health: 5 Most Common Questions & Answers

At Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota, our Cardiology Service is dedicated to diagnosing, managing, and treating disorders of the heart and cardiovascular system. Regardless of whether a family veterinarian has confirmed heart disease in your pet, pet owners often have a lot of questions regarding heart health – and understandably so! We all want our pets to be healthy! And while the answers to many questions can

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The Importance of Routine Dental Care for Your Pet

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may remember Heidi Brenegan’s blog about her dog, Sally, called “My Pet Was in Pain. Is Yours?” Heidi skipped one annual dental cleaning and as a result, Sally had to have four teeth extracted. Today, we have another cautionary tale that illuminates the need for our pets to have routine dental care, and this story could have had an even

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Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts for Pet Parents

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, a beautiful bouquet of lilies, and candlelit dinners may sound like a romantic Valentine’s Day evening at home…but maybe not if you’re a pet parent. From chocolate or lily toxicity to a burnt tail, the evening sounds more like a trip to the ER waiting to happen! So on this day of love, we encourage you to show your Valentine just how much you care

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