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Is My Dog Losing Her Hearing?

Is your dog barking excessively, sleeping more, not listening to your commands, or starting to have accidents in the house? These are all signs that she could be losing her hearing. Dogs that cannot hear (and therefore cannot respond to verbal commands) can seem like their behavior is changing, when in fact they are just adapting to a new world without sound. Why is my dog hearing impaired? Some

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What is Catnip & What Does It Do to My Cat?

As pet owners, we are constantly searching for new and exciting things to do with our furry companions. Most cat owners have heard of catnip and probably even tried it on their feline friend. The behavior changes in cats can be both entertaining and mysterious. I hope I am able to demystify this “magical” product for you. What is catnip? Catnip, or Nepeta cataria, is a perennial herb native

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Backpack and Lunchbox Dangers for Pets

Back-to-school means an increased possibility of pet toxins – especially dangerous backpack and lunchbox items! Parents, when your kids get home from school, remember to remove any items that are hazardous or toxic to Fido and keep all backpacks and lunchboxes out of your pet’s reach! Backpack Dangers and Toxins: 1. Pencils Non-toxic Wood can cause GI upset, obstruction or perforation of the intestines if eaten 2. Hand Sanitizer

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The 4 Most Common Labor Day Dangers for Pets

Labor Day is a holiday that, for many, involves outdoor activities, BBQs, family fun, and being in the sun. If you’re one of these people, and you have pets, below are safety topics to help you avoid a trip to the emergency vet! 1. Heatstroke As with people, heatstroke is a life-threatening condition, but it can easily be avoided with proper care and preparation. Heatstroke can happen in less

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Tips for a Cat’s Fear-Free Vet Visit

Taking your cat to the vet can be one of the most daunting tasks of cat ownership. Whether your cat hides under the middle of the bed or turns into the Tasmanian Devil, it can become a very frustrating experience for both you and the cat. Then frustration becomes frenzy as the appointment time approaches, and it seems impossible to put your cat in the carrier and arrive safely

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Why It’s Important To Vaccinate Pets

Most people are aware that veterinarians recommend vaccinations for their pets. Given the debate surrounding human vaccines, some pet owners may be asking: why vaccinate? Here are five reasons that vaccines are important for your furry companion. 1. Disease prevention – Vaccines are proven to reduce the rate of infection and severity of illness for common diseases. They are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Some vaccines,

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When to Bring Your Pet to the ER Vet

As an emergency critical care veterinary specialist, I see a lot of dogs and cats coming into the animal ER. Some are true emergencies, and could have died without coming in, and others are more stable but the pet owner wasn’t able to get into their veterinarian. First off, it’s important to have some things at home to deal with emergencies, like a pet first aid kit. So, when

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Asphalt Safety For Dog Paws

Taking your dog for a walk on a nice sunny day in mid-summer can be a lot of fun and great exercise for your pet. But a nice walk or outdoor event can lead to injury and a possible trip to the emergency room if you are unaware of the dangers lying just under your pup’s paws. On a typical warm summer day asphalt temperatures can get hot enough

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Prevent Your Pets from Overheating

Summertime is the best time of year! We tend to be more active during the summer months and try to soak in as much time outside as we can here in Minnesota. This also typically means having our pets enjoy more time outside as well. However, even in the Bold North, we can reach high temperatures and humidity levels. While this can be uncomfortable for us humans, imagine how

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Sun Protection Do’s and Don’ts for Pets

It’s that time of year where the UV index is high, which means we’re at risk for sunburn and other UV damaging effects. Perhaps you slather on sunscreen, use protective clothing, find a lovely patch of shade, or completely avoid the sun during peak hours to protect yourself from the sun. But what about your dog or cat? Do they need protection from the sun? The short answer is that most

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