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Veterinary Care During the Pandemic: What Pet Owners Should Expect

During the COVID-19 pandemic, what do you do if your pet needs wellness care or other medical attention? Fortunately for pet owners, Governor Walz included veterinary clinics in the “essential businesses” category when he issued the shelter-in-place order, but services may vary from clinic to clinic. Read on to learn general guidelines for seeking and receiving veterinary care during the COVID-19 pandemic and what to expect! Curbside Care Most,

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What to Do If Your Pet Has Fleas

Springtime is here and with the warmer weather, there is an increased presence of fleas! These parasites are a hassle to get rid of. Once your house has fleas, it can take up to three months to completely eliminate the infestation due to the life cycle of the flea. Here’s what pet owners need to know about fleas and how to protect their pets. Quick facts about fleas: Fleas

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Four Things to Help You Find Calm During the Storm

With the mounting concerns over COVID-19, our anxiety levels rise, and community panic may lead to increased buying, safety concerns, and general fear of the unknown. It can be hard to find your calm when all of this is swirling around and within you. The following are some suggestions to help you slow down racing thoughts, calm your heartbeat, and find some peace. 1. Information They say knowledge is

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Tips for Transporting Pets to the Animal Emergency Hospital

A pet’s sudden injury, illness, or dietary indiscretion can be a stressful event for any pet owner. Unfortunately, most pet owners will experience some sort of emergency during their pet’s lifetime. While you can’t predict when an emergency will occur, there are steps you can take to make a future emergency situation go as smoothly as possible: 1. Preparing Ahead of Time Build a standing relationship with your family

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5 Things Emergency Vets Want Dog Owners to Know

As a Twin Cities emergency veterinarian and a fellow pet owner, I have seen a lot – especially when it comes to our canine friends. From noses that sniff out toxic foods, to leaps off couches that cause sprained or broken limbs, to illnesses that slow them down, there are many reasons for dogs to become repeat patients in the animal emergency room. So if I have to narrow

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Preparing Your Pets for Spring: 5 Things Pet Owners Need to Consider

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and spring is in the air! As we get excited to enjoy the outdoors, go on vacation, freshen up the house with a good cleaning and fresh flowers, it’s also important for pet owners to prepare their pets for spring. Here are five things to consider: 1. Spring Break Traveling Heading out of town for a week? If you plan to

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10 Ways to Tell You’re a Responsible Pet Owner

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month! As pet owners, we all want the best for our animals, whether they have fur, scales, feathers, or fins. There is a lot of varying advice and information out there and it can be difficult to determine which recommendations to follow. This is why it’s important for all pet owners to do research on their pet’s needs and to select a family veterinarian

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Nasal Discharge and Sneezing in Dogs and Cats: What’s Normal and What’s Not

It’s that time of year for us humans: cold and flu season, where you hear sneezing and sniffling throughout your workplace and home. But what does it mean if your dog or cat starts to sneeze or has a runny nose? What’s considered normal and what’s not? Here’s what pet owners need to know: What’s Normal: • An occasional sneeze from your dog or cat is a normal bodily

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14 Gifts for a Paw-some Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you be enjoying an elaborate day of festivities with your sweetie? Or will you be spending quality time with your family and friends? Or is it more of a treat yourself (self-care is important!) kind of day? No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, remember to include your pets! Here are fourteen gifts for a paw-some February 14th with your furry Valentine: 1.

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5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool in assessing your pet’s overall oral health. Approximately two-thirds of the tooth resides under the gumline which makes it impossible to accurately assess the health of the tooth by visual examination alone. What is a Dental X-Ray? A dental x-ray is a black and white two-dimensional image that is taken while your pet is under anesthesia by positioning a sensor inside of

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