Ashley Barott, DVM, received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Linfield College in Oregon, and graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota in 2010. She spent 5 years working in primary care practices throughout Minnesota. Eventually, she transitioned into urgent care and then emergency medicine, where she says “I truly belong!” Dr. Barott has a very full house of pets with 5 cats (all boys!) 2 dogs (a cattle dog mix named Clover and a very athletic shorthair pointer/mutt named Indi) 1 leopard gecko, 4 Emerald Tree Skinks, 1 Eastern Blue Tongue Skink, and a variety of aquatic animals. When asked what she’s passionate about, Dr. Barott responds, “Bicycle touring! I have the goal of riding in every state with my partner. When we’re able, we tour at least one new state a year. I also love sunshine, lakes, being outside, and humor!”