Board-Certified Radiologist

Travis Saveraid, DVM, DACVR is a board-certified veterinary radiologist. Dr. Saveraid was born and raised in Iowa, and he attended Iowa State University and received his veterinary degree in 2000. He then worked for a couple of years as an associate veterinarian in a small animal practice in Maine prior to doing his radiology residency at Washington State University.

In 2006, Dr. Saveraid founded VetRadiologist LLC through which he began working for AERC, reading ultrasounds and later, CT scans. VetRadiologist is the only mobile ultrasound company in the state of Minnesota staffed entirely by board-certified radiologists. In August 2016, in addition to owning and operating VetRadiologist, Dr. Saveraid accepted a position as an employee of AERC.

Dr. Saveraid interprets AERC’s radiographs, CTs, and performs MRI examinations as well as referral ultrasounds.