Thea has worked at small animal hospitals since she was 18 years old! She attended MIM/Argosy University and completed her last semester at Minnesota School of Business, graduating with an AAS in Applied Science from the Veterinary Technology program. Thea has been a certified veterinary technician since 2006.

Thea has three big fat grey kitties – Sebastian, Xander and Baby. Sebastian was found in a field when he was only a week old, and Thea had to bottle feed him. Xander was surrendered to a previous vet hospital that Thea worked for because he had a urinary obstruction, and Baby was part of a litter that she fostered. She called all of the kitties “Baby,” and somehow both he and his name stuck with her. In the past, she has also owned dogs, a bearded dragon, a cockatiel, and rats.

To get rid of stress, Thea spends time with her nieces, aged 6 and 8. She also likes to read, and of course, sleep.

Thea says that if she could, she would be the crazy cat lady with a million cats. She loves felines and is obsessed with them!