Samantha joined our team in 2011 starting as client care and is now currently an emergency and critical care technician as well as our Blood Bank Coordinator.

As Blood Bank Coordinator, Samantha oversees our current canine and feline blood donors and also recruits new pets to join our donor program. With the help of team members, she safely performs blood donations and processes it in house into various blood components to meet our patient’s needs. Our blood donors are rewarded with lots of love and tasty treats! Samantha keeps the clinic stocked with blood products to ensure we are always able to provide our patients with life saving transfusions should they need it.

Samantha’s two cats, Indie and Raleigh, are retired blood donors who enjoy eating and lounging in a sun beam. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys going for long walks with her dog, Dinah, staying at her family’s cabin in South Dakota, and rescuing and fostering cats and kittens.