Neurology Technician

Kelsey is a certified veterinary technician with six pets! They include Suki, a one-eyed Australian Cattle Dog, Luka, another Australian Cattle Dog, Eva Coconut, a domestic longhair that sleep at least 23 hours a day and loves to cuddle, Mary Pineapple, a calico kitty who is sassy and loves to talk, Esther Blackberry, a young kitten who enjoys sitting on shoulders and running wild, and Mr. Rat, a three-year-old fancy rat who enjoys spending time in his “sky lab,” (really a cardboard box attached to the top of his cage where he can nest.)

Kelsey lived in Bozeman, Montana for two years prior to coming to AERC and worked at a clinic there which saw small, large, and exotic animals!

If Kelsey could have any animal as a pet, she would choose a Fennec Fox. Why? They are very interesting to her with their giant ears and funny vocalizations.