Jody earned an AAS degree in Veterinary Technology, and she joined our team in 2015. She became a certified veterinary technician in March 2017!

Jody has a Yorkshire Terrier named Bailey who serves as her running and cuddle-buddy. Bailey only has her last four canine teeth left, and she likes to follow Jody everywhere. Jody also has a Shepherd/Chow mix who loves to sleep on her bed.

Growing up, Jody always knew that she wanted to work closely with animals. As she grew older, her passion for that vocation grew as she was always volunteering and working around dogs even before she decided to attend veterinary technician school.

Jody’s favorite holiday is Christmas because she has always loved the idea of gifts, opening presents, Christmas lights and music, snow, and quality family time.

Jody also enjoys football, hiking, and camping!