Chief Operations Officer

Jayde became a certified veterinary technician in 2007, and she has experience in a variety of disciplines within veterinary medicine, including primary care practice, emergency medicine, and in an academic setting. Jayde currently serves as Chief Operations Officer, a leadership role at AERC which involves training, creating protocols, and leading the medical support team, amongst many other responsibilities.

Jayde has four cats, Railroad, Vespa, Bacon Pancake, and Lemonade, as well as two dogs, BMO and Betty. She also has an affinity for reptiles – namely her three pets, Samuel Jackson (Ball Python,) Edward Lizard Hands (Leopard Gecko,) and Beardo (Bearded Dragon.)

As you might have guessed from the feline family she has, Jayde loves cats! In fact, her favorite mythical creature is the caticorn, which was also her Halloween costume this year, of course. Jayde also loves supporting the team at AERC, and addressing the unique challenges of working in a veterinary ER that all of our team members face​.