Surgery Technician

In addition to her certification as a veterinary technician, Chrissy has undergone additional, rigorous training and testing to become a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care. She has over 15 years of veterinary experience, primarily in emergency medicine. She has also been a volunteer at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

Chrissy has one kitty, Hobbes, an orange tabby. Hobbes has travelled far and wide; he has driven with Chrissy from Washington, California, Wisconsin, then finally to Minnesota. Chrissy says, “We finally have the car thing down!”

Chrissy grew up on a dairy farm and wanted to be a veterinarian; as a veterinary technician, she gets to utilize a lot of her skills and spends more time with patients than she would as a vet, so that makes her happy.

To get rid of stress, Chrissy enjoys hiking, especially exploring new parks. And the most beautiful place she has ever been is Costa Rica for its rainforest and beaches.