Bridget graduated with honors from Globe University in March 2016. She became a certified veterinary technician in August 2016.

Two cats, Orion and Kristof, share Bridget’s home, as well as two rabbits, Cumulonimbus and Henrietta, and one dog, Sammi.

Bridget is a “rock hound,” which means she is obsessed with crystals and agates. She goes agate hunting to relieve stress, and she says that her home has slowly begun to turn into a geology museum!

Bridget admits to being terrified of bees and wasps – anything that buzzes by her head throws her into a state of pure panic! She isn’t allergic and knows that being stung isn’t that painful, but her fear is irrational and so it remains.

When not at work, Bridget’s favorite way to spend time is with her daughter, Evelyn!