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6 Reasons Home Dog Boarding is Better for You and Your Dog

You’re finally going on a well-deserved vacation, but before you can leave for paradise, you have to push aside your guilt and take your pup to the kennel. You feel awful but there are no other options, right? Thankfully, home dog boarding through sites like DogVacay allows you to to find a loving and responsible sitter in your area that will watch your pup in their home. Here are a few reasons why home dog boarding might be just what you and your pup have been looking for. 

1. Your dog will be less anxious.

Being put in a cage isn’t fun for anyone and dogs may become scared, nervous, and over-stimulated. This means that when they come home, they’ll be hyper, under-exercised and wound-up. Leaving your dog in the home of a fellow dog lover is so much easier on your dog–he’ll spend his days relaxing on comfy sofas and sunlit porches, it’ll be like he never left home at all.

2. Your dog will get individual love and attention.

At a boarding facility, your dog’s needs may be overlooked because there are too many dogs to keep track of. With home boarding, your pup won’t get lost in the shuffle, they’ll be getting one-on-one care–this means belly rubs and cuddly naps galore. Your sitter can keep track of your pup’s food intake, exercise, and demeanor, so if for any reason your pup is acting a little different, they can let you know right away. 

3. You will receive (constant) cute updates of your dog.

When you drop your dog off at the kennel, you might only get a blurry photo and a vague report card at the end of the stay. Pet sitters, on the other hand, can send you photos and text updates as often as you’d like, whether it’s a picture of your lazy Shih Tzu lounging or a video of your active pup playing fetch.

4. You’re getting the best price.

A kennel can cost upwards of $80/night, this gets very expensive, very quickly. Pet sitters can more easily offer lower rates and discounts for longer stays. For even more peace of mind, if you do book with a DogVacay pet sitter, you’ll be covered by their premium pet insurance. 

 5. Your dog will get exercised and socialized.

After being cooped up in a cage with only a few hours of playtime, it’s no wonder dogs act strangely when they come home from the kennel. Pet sitters will make sure your pup’s able to play to their heart’s content. Also, if you have a senior dog that needs to take it slow or a puppy that needs to work out his energy, your dog sitter can accommodate.

6. You’ll find someone who can work around your busy schedule

If kennels are all filled up, chances are you’re gritting your teeth and reaching out to friends a family. Although this is a great option, there’s a limited number of times you’d be comfortable relying on them. By finding a great pet sitter, you can easily book a stay without any stressful family obligation. Plus, you’ll know you’re leaving your dog with someone who will treat your dog as their own.

The next time you’re planning a trip, consider leaving your dog in the loving home of a trusted pet sitter near you. Your dog’s wagging tail will help you know you’ve made the right decision.

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Images courtesy of DogVacay.

Written by Priscilla Liang with DogVacay


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