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5 Ways to Spoil Your Pet

5 ways to spoil your petThis week is National Pet Week! Show your pet some extra love! Here a few ways to spoil your furry, scaly, or feathery pets:

1. Treats 

Every pet loves a yummy treat! Bonus points for homemade goodies.

2. Toys

No matter what kind of pet you have, get him/her a new toy. For pets in a cage or tank, invest in a new environment enrichment item. If you have a dog, let him/her choose a toy at the pet store.

3. Accessories

If your pet’s in need of some new accessories, consider these options: Collar, leash, harness, car seat, carrier, bed, food dish, or water dish. For exotic animals, you may want to update their cage or tank with new items.

4. Quality Time

Spend time with your pet! Whether this means extra cuddles, playing a game, or going out- your pet will love just having a lot of time with you! If you have a bird or reptile that can be out of its cage, have an extra-long play time! You may even want to spend some of this time teaching your pet a new trick!
5. Doggy Date

For dog owners, take your pet out for the day! Here are a few places you can go: The groomer’s, doggy daycare, the pet store, the dog park, the vet for a social visit, the lake for swimming, play-date with the neighbor’s dog or a family member’s dog, or a nice walk! Your dog will love this full-day of field trips!
6. ID

If you have a pet that may go outside- invest in ID tags and a microchip! This will increase your pet’s chance of returning home if he/she ever goes missing.  We hope you and your pets have a fantastic National Pet Week! Tell us in the comments below how you plan to spoil your pet this week!

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