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5 Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog this Spring

Here in Minnesota, we’re not sure when winter will end, but we’re hopeful that spring is just around the corner! From slushy snow to rain to mud to some sun, we know it’s difficult to plan ahead during this time of unpredictable weather. So what activities can you and your dog enjoy this spring? Here are a few ideas:

1. Dog Park Adventures

This long, cold winter probably kept your dog inside these past few months. So why not visit a dog park and let your dog stretch those legs! Your dog can meet new doggy friends or you and your dog could play fetch. If you choose to go on a muddy day, just be sure to bring a few towels to use to dry off your pooch!

Never been to the dog park before? Before you take your dog for the first time, we recommend reviewing this blog and then decide if your dog’s temperament is right for a dog park. Dog parks can put your dog at risk for injuries from fights, parasite infection, and muscle strains and sprains. Monitor your dog’s interactions with other dogs closely, and make sure your dog is on a heartworm preventative that treats gastrointestinal parasites, too.

2. Nature Park Exploring

Spring is the perfect time for a hike with your dog! If we get a nice spring day here in the Twin Cities, we recommend checking out a local nature park or visiting one of Minnesota’s National Parks. Your dog will enjoy new scents and you can enjoy the scenery!

Don’t forget to pack these hiking essentials and review these hiking safety tipsfor dogs!

3. Dog-Friendly Gardening

It’s time to start planning your garden! If your dog likes to chew on the grass, you could create a dog-friendly herb garden. Your dog can chomp down on some healthy herbs and maybe even help you with the digging! Petco has a great pet-friendly herb garden starter kit here. Just remember, before you plant anything in your garden or bring any plants into your home, check that it’s safe for your pets by using ASPCA’s Plant Guide.

BONUS TIP: If you have cats too, you can also plant catnip!

4. Spring Cleaning

Have you been working on your spring cleaning list? While you clean the house and declutter, this is also a great time to do some spring cleaning for your pets! Give your dog’s bed a good cleaning, wash any blankets, and get rid of any old or broken toys.

Check out this list for more spring cleaning tips for pets!

5. Indoor Fun on Rainy Days

Spring usually includes a few rainy days. Don’t let that stop the fun! Even when it’s raining, your dog still needs exercise! We suggest setting up an indoor agility course or obstacle course.

Don’t have the equipment for a course? Try out a muffin tin game or nose work training! Not only are these great ways to keep your dog active, but they’re also excellent ways to stimulate your dog’s mind!

We hope you enjoy some quality time with your dog this spring! Did we miss any of your favorite springtime activities? Tell us in the comments!

By Janine Hagen


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