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10 Purrfect Pet Presents for 2014

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Still looking for a holiday gift for your furry family member? We have ten ideas for you!

1. New Toys

This one is pretty obvious. But every pet loves a new toy. You know what your pet likes and dislikes so get a toy that’s even better than his/her current favorite toy. Puzzle toys will keep your dog busy when you’re not home. For your cat, make sure the toy can’t be torn apart and the pieces ingested. ASPCA  lists household items that make safe toys for your cat (cardboard boxes, anyone?) Equally important, it also will tell you what NOT to buy for your cat.

2. Treats

Again, this one is an obvious choice. Invest in a popular brand that your dog will love. Don’t want to spend too much money? Make homemade pet-friendly treats! You can find a ton of great recipes at allrecipes.com.

3. Leash or collar

Invest in a new leash or collar. Maybe your pet needs a leash that won’t allow him/her to travel too far ahead of you. Or maybe you’ve noticed your pet isn’t very comfortable with his current collar. Or perhaps you just want something more stylish for the holiday season!

4. Scratching posts/gyms

If your cat is clawing at furniture or isn’t getting enough exercise this winter, then this is the gift for him/her! Not only will your cat love a cat gym or a scratching post, but it will also help your cat stay active this winter!

5. Water or food bowls

Does your cat need an automatic feeder? Or maybe his/her bowl is too tall or too short. Cats often drink more water when provided with a fountain-style water bowl. Find out what your pet needs and upgrade!

holiday gifts for pets, Christmas gifts for pets, pet gifts, Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

6. Winter gear

This is especially important for outdoor pets. You need layers for winter and so does your pet! Hats, booties, sweaters, etc…Our favorite booties for dogs are Muttluks; they cost more than the average bootie, but they seem to stay on better than most, especially for teeny dogs like Sally the Wonder Dog!

7. Beds or blankets

Every pet loves a soft, cozy place to snuggle up in. Invest in a new bed or in a pet blanket. For older pets or pets with arthritis, consider an orthopedic or heated bed.

8. Car Safety Equipment

Car seats, crates, kennels, seatbelt harnesses, hammocks, etc… Keep your pet safe in the car! Never let your pet go loose! Find out more here.

9. ID Tags

If you’re pet doesn’t have ID tags or a microchip, this will be the best present for not only your pet, but also for yourself! We cannot stress enough how important it is to have ID tags and a microchip (not one of the other, but BOTH) for your pet. Be prepared before something happens to your beloved pet!

10. A New Furry Family Member

Sometimes a pet just needs a pal. Consider adopting a new furry family member for your current pet! A friend helps the day go by while waiting for family members to come home after work or school

Whatever you get your furry family member, remember he/she will love you no matter what! We hope your family has a happy holiday season! Remember if you have a pet emergency, both of our locations are open 24/7, every day of the year- including holidays!

Janine Hagen



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