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Pet Surgery

Our Board-Certified Surgeons, Dr. Nate Rose, DACVS, and Dr. Brian Rose, DACVS, run our in-house surgery department. They provide Board-Certified surgical expertise for complex emergency and elective procedures including orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurosurgery

Surgical services also include:

Dog Knee Surgery

Dog Hip Surgery

Dog Elbow Surgery

Fracture Repair



Spinal Surgery

Osteo-Articular Transfer System (OATS)

Here is a touching testimonial from one of our clients in Oakdale whose pet, Louie, had surgery at our facility!

"We brought our Louie in maybe two years ago. We learned he had crystals and his ureter was blocked. Your wonderful people operated, and we now have our beautiful tuxedo boy with us yet. I don't remember doctors' and nurses' names, but they were all wonderful. My husband says if pedigreed cats are expensive, then Louie is definitely pedigreed! But he is alive and happy and your people saved his life.

We rescued him from Woodbury Humane Society, brought him home only to learn he was very ill with a cold. That was rescue number one! Our vet brought him through that, rescue number two. Then you folks rescued him the third time. Think he had better start counting! We thank the Lord for all of you every time we drive around the curve on Helmo Avenue. God's blessings to you all!"

Dr. Nate Rose, DACVS, also heads our Sport & Strength Department to provide rehabilitation services to:

  • pre and post-surgical patients
  • patients suffering from chronic osteoarthritis or pain
  • performance dogs in need of conditioning to be their best
  • patients who need to shed a few pounds

Yoshi's dog knee surgery in Oakdale, MN

Surgery consultation and rehabilitation appointments are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. To make an appointment with either service, please call (651) 501-3766, or click here.