Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

The emergency medicine service is staffed by experienced emergency doctors 24/7/365.  The emergency service was established 35 years ago and is the cornerstone of the hospital in our service to the pet-owning community.  

Two outstanding Board-Certified Criticalists, Dr. Conni Wehausen, DACVECC and Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, staff the Critical Care department.  Dr. Wehausen established and has led the department since 2009. Dr. Lee is a popular speaker, author, and world-renowned lecturer in emergency, critical care and toxicology.

If your pets need blood work, oxygen therapy, intensive care, x-Rays, CT, ultrasound, surgery or any other care that requires immediate attention; we are ready to respond.  We are also one of the few hospitals in the state that is prepared to work with pets requiring cancer treatment or hyperthyroid treatment.  In addition to good, old-fashioned TLC, we can provide any and all of these technologies to help make your pets feel like themselves again.