Cancer Care

Hear Teddy Bear's mom discuss his last day of chemotherapy and their experience at AERC.

There comes a point when we realize our pets are aging, whether they are getting gray around the muzzle or having some trouble getting up.  Sometimes that realization comes unexpectedly through a catastrophic illness or even finding a small mass that wasn't there the day before.  Unfortunately, it is a reality that as pets age, the risk of significant illnesses increase, including cancer.

Coming to terms with cancer in a pet can be an exhausting task.  Often, we aren’t given enough time to adjust.  Sometimes, we need to make quick choices and other times, the decisions can seem like they take forever.  At AERC, we understand how difficult a diagnosis of cancer can be for both you and your pet.  We want to help by providing you accurate information regarding your pet’s type of cTeddy Bear receiving chemotherapy treatmentancer, and an informative prognosis along with each treatment option, any of which may include chemotherapy.

The decision to pursue chemotherapy can be complicated and is filled with uncertainty.  For a majority of cases, the goal is not to cure the disease, but rather to prolong quality of life in spite of the disease.  For this reason, a pet undergoing chemotherapy will generally experience a lower rate of side effects as compared to people.  For many, chemotherapy can be a viable option to provide valuable quality time to be with our animal friends and help prepare to say our goodbyes.

Our Internal Medicine Department offers cancer consultation and chemotherapy options.  It is just another way we can continue to provide exceptional care for you and your pet.  If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy may be a reasonable option.  We encourage you to have your veterinarian arrange a consultation with Steve Shadwick, DVM, DACVIM, to evaluate your pet and the extent of the cancer, so that you can be aware of what options you and your pet have available.

We know the decision to pursue chemotherapy can be quite emotional and may not be for appropriate for everyone and every pet.  It is our hope that for others, chemotherapy is an opportunity to buy time and experience more cherished memories with your pet.

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