At AERC, we recognize that the need for quality care doesn't stop outside our walls. That's why we want to provide our clients with tools and information that they can use both before and after their clinic visit.

What to Do in an Emergency — This section outlines how to best handle pet emergencies .

American Animal Hospital Association — We're very proud to be AAHA-accredited, which means we adhere to certain standards to ensure a high-quality of medicine for your pet.

Care Credit — We understand that emergency veterinary costs can seem overwhelming. That's one of the reasons why we extend CareCredit to qualified individuals.

Pet Loss — Coping with the loss of a beloved pet can be extremely difficult. This section provides some resources for you in your time of grief and need.

Links — This section contains a list of links to other sites that we think are helpful to our clients and site visitors.

Warning to Cat Owners about Easter Lilies -- Did you know Easter lilies can kill your cat? Read more!

Upcoming Events

Allergies in Goldens, Labs, and Doodles

May 22, 2018

Dr. Andrea Meyer, board-certified dermatologist, will be speaking to pet owners about skin diseases in these breeds. This program is focused on what pet owners need to know about different types of skin diseases in retriever breeds!Diseases to...