Oncology & Chemotherapy

To refer a patient for chemotherapy, please submit our online Patient Referral Form for Specialty Services, and select Internal Medicine under "Requested Service." If you would prefer to complete a paper form, please complete our Specialty Referral Form and fax to 651-501-3763 or email to aercminnesota@gmail.com. Our Oncology Service opens September 17, 2018!

It is a difficult day when you have to inform an owner that their pet has a neoplastic condition.  The word "cancer" can have so many different connotations to our clientele, based upon their personal experience.  Even more variable is what goes through an owner’s mind when they hear the option of chemotherapy.  Our job as the medical advocate for our patients is to ensure that owners are educated on what cancer and chemotherapy mean in the realm of veterinary medicine.

Coming to terms with cancer for a pet owner can be an exhausting task.  Often they feel they don’t have enough time to adjust or make informed decisions.  When the pet is suffering, recommendations may be very clear; however, other times the amount of information to convey to the owner will be overwhelming.  At AERC, we understand how difficult a diagnosis of cancer can be for both the owner and the medical professional.  We want to help by providing oncology consultation options regarding the pet’s cancer type, extent, treatment options and prognosis.  For cases and patients in which chemotherapy is a viable option, we will collaborate with you in drug protocol and diagnostic monitoring to best meet your client’s schedule and needs.

Our internal medicine service welcomes oncology consultations and can provide chemotherapeutic services. It is just another way we can continue to provide exceptional care for our referring community. If you have a patient with a neoplastic process and want comprehensive options available for consideration, we encourage you to arrange a consultation appointment with Steve Shadwick, DVM, DACVIM. Some cases will be straightforward, others may benefit from additional diagnostics. Your client will be given therapeutic options appropriate to their pet’s case and associated prognoses.  Should any option include surgery, Boarded Surgeons are available for further consultation.

Regardless, you will be kept updated about each case and all options discussed throughout any selected course of action.You and your clinic have the opportunity to be incorporated into this plan, as much or as little as you choose. Most importantly, the client’s experience will be a reflection of the relationship that you have established and nurtured.

We know the decision to pursue chemotherapy can be quite emotional and may not be for appropriate for every client or pet. It is our hope that for others, AERC’s oncology and chemotherapy services will be of benefit to our referring community, their cherished clients, and beloved pets.