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Internal Medicine

To refer a patient to the Internal Medicine service, please submit our online Patient Referral Form for Specialty Services. If you would prefer to complete a paper form, please complete our Specialty Referral Form and fax to 651-501-3763 or email to aercminnesota@gmail.com.

Steve Shadwick, DVM, DACVIM, founded the internal medicine department in 2011.  Dr. Shadwick, assisted by his team of certified veterinary technicians, diagnoses, treats and manages complex medical problems present in our referring patient population.  Dr. Shadwick has also been instrumental in leading the development of the I-131 Hyperthyroid Treatment Center at AERC.

Internal Medicine Veterinary Services include:

  • Advanced Laboratory Testing of tissue and blood samples
  • Diagnostic Imaging - CT, Ultrasound, Radiography (X-Rays)
  • Biopsies of masses, internal organs, or bone marrow
  • Endoscopy
    • Bronchoscopy (lungs)
    • Cystoscopy (bladder & urethra)
    • Colonoscopy (colon & small bowel)
    • Gastroduodenoscopy (stomach & upper intestines)
    • Rhinoscopy (nasal cavity)
  •  Feeding tube placement
  •  Radioactive Iodine Therapy in the Upper Midwest’s Premier I-131 Hyperthyroid Treatment Center
  •  Nutrition Consultations

Additionally, Dr. Shadwick can assist with the management of many types of uncommon or difficult to manage diseases and disorders.

  •     Anemia or other bleeding disorders
  •     Chronic Vomiting or Diarrhea
  •     Complicated Pancreatic Disease
  •     Coughing & other breathing problems
  •     Endocrine Disease (adrenal tumors, complicated diabetes, thyroid disorders)
  •     Infectious Disease
  •     Kidney or Bladder Disease
  •     Liver Inflammation
  •     Unexplained Weight Loss