To refer a patient for Imaging services, please submit our online Patient Referral Form for Specialty Services, and mark the appropriate specialty under "Requested Service." If the patient needs to come in for emergency imaging, please complete the Case Transfer Information Form and call our clinic. If the patient is not an emergency patient but you would prefer a paper form, please complete our Specialty Referral Form and fax to 651-501-3763 or email to

All diagnostic imaging studies, including radiographs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI examinations are interpreted 24/7/365 by experienced, board-certified radiologists.

Travis Saveraid, DVM, DACVR, and Jon Nevins, DVM, DACVR perform referral ultrasound examinations at AERC. We do not perform "outpatient" ultrasounds, CT scans or MRI examinations; therefore, patients that require these diagnostics must come in either through Emergency & Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Neurology, or Surgery, whichever is most applicable.