Member Benefits

AERC is the only emergency and specialty center in Minnesota 100% owned by local veterinarians. We don’t grow our clinics or provide veterinary medicine based on the dictates of a management team located thousands of miles away; we simply fulfill the needs of clients, their pets, and the local veterinary community.

Why Does Local Ownership Matter?

  • We are accountable to local veterinarians, like you, in our community.
  • At AERC, important decisions are made by people who live in the community and who will feel the impact of those decisions.
  • Because of our community relationships with other locally-owned businesses, we spend more of our money locally, pumping up the local economic multiplier – the foundation for local income, wealth, and jobs.
  • We celebrate what makes Minnesota special and seek to preserve and grow those local assets.

Why Should I Become an Owner?

The following benefits are available to you, your practice and your clients:

  • You will receive annual distribution checks reflecting your share in profits of the company.
  • Should any of your team members require our emergency care, he or she will not be charged an emergency or examination fee.
  • Cases that you transfer directly from your hospital are charged reduced fees.
  • You are able to purchase blood products and other emergency drugs for your hospital at a minimal mark-up--10% over our cost.
  • You will be invited to the Annual Shareholder Dinner and Business Meeting.
  • Your hospital will be on a list of member hospitals that is offered to clients currently without a family veterinarian.
  • Your hospital will be listed on the Locally-Owned section of our website.

What Are The Prerequisites for Ownership in AERC?

Just like us, your practice must also be locally-owned in order to qualify to become an owner of AERC! Corporate veterinary practices are not permitted ownership stakes in AERC. A potential owner must:

  • Own at least 20% of a practice in Minnesota or Wisconsin
  • Refer a minimum number of cases to AERC annually
  • Be approved to become an owner by our Board of Directors