Member Benefits

Why Should I Become a Member?

The following member benefits are available to you, your practice and your clients:

  • You will receive annual distribution checks reflecting your share in profits of the company.
  • Should any of your team members require our emergency care, he or she will not be charged an emergency or examination fee.
  • Cases that you transfer directly from your hospital are charged reduced fees.
  • You are able to purchase blood products and other emergency drugs for your hospital at a minimal mark-up--10% over our cost.
  • You will be invited to the Annual Shareholder Dinner and Business Meeting.
  • Your hospital will be on a list of member hospitals that is offered to clients currently without a family veterinarian.
  • Your hospital will be listed on the Members Only section of our website.

What Are The Prerequisites for Membership?

The owner of a practice may apply to be a member provided that he or she:

  • Has at least 20% ownership in a practice in Minnesota or Wisconsin
  • Refers a minimum number of cases to AERC annually