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We hold free lunch time and evening community education events for members of the veterinary community every month of the year. Programs are posted as soon as the seminars are scheduled, so check back often!

AERC Fall Conference for Technicians


November 17, 2018

This year, our Fall CE will held at our Oakdale clinic and will be separated into two days. On November 10th, 2018, we will have the Veterinarian Track. On November 17th, 2018, we will have the Technician Track. Each track will have four speakers and will provide 6 hours of continuing education. A continental breakfast and lunch are also provided.

Attendees are welcome to register for multiple tracks. We encourage you to register right away! Since seats are limited, we cannot accept walk-in registrations on the day of the event.

Technician Track lectures are as follows:

Common Arrhythmias in Dogs and Cats by Krista Peterson, CVT, VTS (Anes), Cardiology Service, AERC We will review the anatomy of the heart and understand how conduction abnormalities can contrinute to irregular heart rhythms, learn how electrocardiography is used to pinpoint where along the heart's electrical pathway these abnormalities occur, and differentiate between benign and malignant arrhythmias and review whether and how to treat them.

Can You Hear Me Now? An Overview of Otitis by Lisa Gerads, CVT, Dermatology Service, AERC This will be an overview of the anatomy of the ear canal and ear disease progression. Coverage will include the "3 Ps" - (Predisposing, Primary, and Perpetuating) factors that contribute to otitis. Treatment and Diagnostic testing will be discussed from the initial "simple" infection to end stage ear disease.

Triage of the Emergent Patient AERC's Veterinary Interns will discuss the approach to triaging patients presenting emergently to your practice. Topic focus will include preparation for incoming patients and thorough evaluation and stabilization of patients upon arrival. Triage methods and evaluation will include patients presenting with cardiovascular, respiratory, traumatic, neurologic, and toxic emergencies.

Tips from the Trenches: Pearls of Wisdom from an ER Technician by Cherie Dilts, CVT, Emergency & Critical Care Service, AERC This lecture will provide tips gleaned from two years of working in the ER and ICU trenches. Why is it important to dig deeper than the numbers on your treatment sheet? How do you effectively advocate for your patient? What are common sense approaches that will change your patient care from good to great? You'll get valuable tricks as well as do's and don't's from real-life emergency situations.


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