• Snowshoe

    "Thank you for assuring me and making me feel comfortable with the I-131 treatment and the several days stay. I am confident that your clinic and staff are doing everything within your power to take the very best care of my pet and of me."

  • Elsie

    "Thank you for your excellent care of my little puppy. And thank you for listening to me and my concerns and my request to bring her home last night. She is doing so well. I'm so glad I brought her to you. I learned so much. Thank you again."

  • Sunshine

    "Very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Saw several doctors, and they all seemed equally good. Kept me well-informed every step along the way and took a lot of time to answer my many questions. It is expensive, but they give you an estimate, and you pay up-front, so you know what the costs are going to be. They give advice based on medical knowledge and experience, but leave the decision-making to you. No pressure or guilt trips to sway decisions. Expensive, but the best care possible."

  • Bunsen

    "Very friendly staff. Kept us very well informed. Made us feel like no question was too small. We felt like they really cared and kept our cat's needs in mind all the time. Also liked that they forwarded our cat's records to our regular vet."

  • Maya

    "The staff of AERC in our emergent situation were outstanding with the service they provided. Communication is where they excel; providing regular updates on status and procedures. I felt my dog received the best care possible. I hope I do not ever need the emergency services again, but there is a sense of peace knowing they are available 24/7."

  • Cloony

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everyone at your clinic was so helpful. Took such good care of our Cloony. He is doing so much better. Pretty much back to himself. We can't thank you enough. We are so lucky to have your service available 24/7."

  • Josie

    "A caring competent staff. They delivered a hard message with compassion. Our human care givers could take a lesson."

  • Lily

    "I was pleased with the care my dog received for the bite wound on her ear. What most impressed me was how the clinic handled our return visit when the ear continued to bleed. The facility is very clean and modern. The staff was attentive, and the doctors were great. It's comforting as pet owner to know that I have such a great resource in times of emergency."

  • Sterling

    "We continue to be so thankful that you saved Sterling after he ingested a full bottle of Celebrex. You are all amazing -- from the super vets to the wonderful, kind vet techs that sat with Sterling in their laps during that long week. We still love him so much, and appreciate daily that we have him. He is still naughty about eating things -- last week he finished off my son's birthday cake. Amazing he has no residuals from his pill-taking experience! So many thanks!"

  • Zoey

    "I have had wonderful experiences with the U of M Hospitals Emergency Room for my own care and of my father's care, and I have to say that AERC was every bit as wonderful--kept us with our little girl as much as possible, beautiful private emergency room for us with her. Every consideration was employed to make all of us feel welcome and valued. Zoey got treated like the tiny, sensitive, smart girl she is. We were worried about her eye that she kept shut that morning, and they made sure there were no scratches on the cornea. The intake staff was considerate and let us fill out the forms in the private exam room, offered coffee, checked Zoey's heart. The medical care by the vet and the follow up by staff with instructions was outstanding. The facility is the nicest I have seen. Every bit as nice as the ones at the U of M for human patients. I would sum up my overall impression of the clinic staff: Friendly, Considerate, Respectful, Sensitive, Outstanding Communication and Care. I would rate the staff communication higher than staff at U of MN for human patients because it was consistently outstanding."

  • Rocky

    "Thank you for being there early one Sunday morning for our 14 year-old Bichon, Rocky. He was clearly in pain with discomfort in his gut and within one hour he was diagnosed and we were on our way home with meds and copies of his x-rays we were able to take to our vet for follow-up. The service was friendly and professional. Thanks again!"

  • Delilah

    "Going to AERC was amazing! Not only did they explain things to me in terms I understood but treated my dog like she was one of theirs! I was worried my dog was not going to like the water treadmill, and they made it comfortable and fun for her! Dr. Rose and John make a great team at helping pets recover from surgery. Thank you for everything you did for us!"

  • Roxy

    "Desiree and Dr. Shadwick were very helpful and provided me with the information I needed to make the decision to get the I-131 treatment for my kitty, Roxy. They took great care of Roxy during her clinic stay and were able to answer all of my questions. Thank you so much for everything!"

  • Muffin

    "We recently had our cat at the clinic and we feel she received excellent care. Also, everything was explained very well. Everyone was friendly and seemed to really care about pets. We also had another cat there previously and felt the same way. When our pets are so sick, we feel your place is the best place to have them. Thanks!"

  • Roxie

    "Thank you for taking care of our swissy, Roxie. We are so grateful to you all for your ideas, compassion, and patience with us while we worked through an incredibly difficult decision in a very short time. We have always brought our animals to you when we had an emergency--usually because they ate chocolate...and we had always been lucky that nothing was ever seriously wrong with our dogs. While we weren't so lucky this time, we were confident in the care she received and her lack of pain while in your care. Thank you. We are shocked and devastated, but our story will always include glowing reviews of your staff. Thank you thank you thank you."

  • Neo

    "I just wanted to send you a note to thank you all so much for your wonderful care of my cat Neo last week. I know you also called to see how he's doing after going home, I really appreciate that nice touch...It cannot be said enough that the work you folks do is amazing and I am so thankful we had you to go to late on a stormy night. In a neighborhood full of pets, I've made sure they all know about your clinic...just in case. Your facility is beautiful and everyone working there, even late at night, was friendly, kind and considerate. Neo is doing great, he thanks you for helping him and we do too."

  • Ellie

    "Dear Dr. Rose & the AERC Staff,
    Thank you so much for helping me to feel better! I'm able to play with my sisters again. Additionally, my parents and I wanted to say how thankful we are to you and the staff! You treated all of us so well, and were so kind and helpful during this time!
    Ellie & Family"

  • Aida

    "I don't know whre to begin to say thank you — all of you — who helped Aida when she was sick. Thank you so very much for trying everything and working so hard to bring down her fever. What you all do is wonderful, so again thank you for making a difference!"

  • Duke

    "We just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you did for Duke. Although things didn't turn out the way we would have hoped, we know everyone did all they could. In all our years as pet owners, we've never seen as fine a veterinary staff as at AERC. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and care you gave to Dukey. Thank you."

  • Lexi

    "Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave to Lexi. It was a scary time for her family, but we felt better just knowing she was getting 110% from everyone. You are all wonderful, and we can't thank you enough for saving her life! She is home and doing great. We are looking forward to many more good years with her. Thank you!"

  • Sophy

    "Thank you for the wonderful and immediate care you gave Sophy. She has slowly begun to be herself again. She is a sweetheart who loves to play fetch, have her tummy rubbed, sit in the window, chomp on anything plastic, and greet visitors with loving purrs. Thank you so very much!"

  • Lilly

    "You are wonderful. It takes such special people to deliver unfavorable news in such a caring and compassionate manner, knowing even the smallest of creatures play big roles in our families. Lilly had 10 fantastic years with us and brought us so much joy and humor to our lives. How lucky we were to have such a neat companion! A sincere thanks for your care and kind words. I so appreciate you and the work you do! You are wonderful!"