Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Furkids

Posted February 12, 2019 @ 1:47pm | by Heidi Brenegan, MBA, CVPM

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we want to help you find the perfect gifts for your furry Valentine. And if we do say so ourselves, we think we’ve done a pretty good job!

For the Dog:

1. Nadia Cakes While it might be tempting to buy your dog a human treat, it’s safer to buy treats specifically designed for dogs. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, raisins, and peanut butter containing xylitol can all be dangerous to your dog. On the upside, there are always dog-friendly cupcakes! These from Nadia Cakes are made with natural, gluten free ingredients including yogurt, peanut butter, apples, bananas, rice flour, and cream cheese. Photo Credit: Nadia Cakes.
Photo Credit: Nadia's Cakes














2. Just Dogs Gourmet Valentine’s Day Treat Box: These gourmet dog treats are made with pet-friendly ingredients, and they look good enough for people, too! Maybe limit your pup to one cookie per day, though, to reduce the calories and the chance of an upset tummy. Photo Credit: Just Dogs Gourmet.














4. Homemade Treats: If you’re the type of pet parent that likes to bake, more power to you! Here are a few pet-friendly Valentine’s Day treat ideas. Photo Credit: 17 Apart.

















5. Treat Bouquet: Purchase a collection of treats and bones from your favorite local gourmet pet treat bakery (like Bone Adventures, Just Dogs Gourmet) to make a DIY treat bouquet or purchase one online store like Bisket Baskets. You can create a bouquet of treats or arrange them in a pretty box. Photo Credit: Bisket Baskets.













6. Val’s Brew Treats Bow Tie: The adorable bow tie on Sally, below, comes in a wide variety of colors and two sizes. In theory, you could also put this on a really tolerant cat...Sally weighs about nine pounds for size comparison, and she is wearing the smallest bowtie they offer. This fabulous fashion accessory easily attaches to any collar. 























7. BarkShop’s Squeak Valentine’s Themed Toys: BarkShop has a variety of Valentine’s Day themed squeak toys, from a bouquet of roses to a “choco-lick bar.” Photo Credit: BarkShop.










8. Zanies Valentine’s Day Tennis Balls: These pink and red tennis balls have cute Valentine’s Day sayings like “Sweet Heart” and “Be Mine.” Photo Credit: Zanies.















8.  If you want to take your pet somewhere to celebrate, there are a lot of dog-friendly breweries in Minnesota. Our favorite is Lakes & Legends Brewery in Minneapolis, but you can find them all over the Twin Cities in this dog-friendly brewery guide from (which, btw, looks like the most fun website ever.)

For the Cat:

1. PETPALS Group’s Pink Tunnel:Your cat will love lying in this cozy fleece tunnel. There’s also a feather chasing toy on the inside, for a little added excitement! Photo Credit: PETPALS Group.














2. Catnip Confections’ Catnip Toy: This Etsy shop has a variety of catnip toys, including heart-shaped ones that are purrfect for Valentine’s Day! Photo Credit: Catnip Confections.















3. Pooch and Tabby’s Cat Collar: This Etsy Shop designs collars for cats and dogs. Check out these Valentine’s Day cat collars that also include a bell. Photo Credit: Pooch and Tabby.











4. Storow’s Pink Cat Bed: These cat beds are handmade with toasty warm merino wool. They come in four different sizes. After the January we had, I’m a little jealous. Is one of those four sizes “human?” Photo Credit: Storow.











For Both:

2. Mackerchiefs’ Valentine’s Day Handkerchiefs: Looking to jazz up your pet’s look? This Minnesota business sells a variety of handkerchiefs, custom coats, and beds. Photo Credit: Mackerchiefs.






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