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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Posted February 27, 2018 @ 2:49pm

Vitamin D: The Sunshine VitaminIt’s the season of shorter days and longer nights. The UV index in Minnesota is low, meaning you’re not going to get a sunburn but you’re also not going to get enough vitamin D from outdoor activity. Your doctor may recommend...


No Bread Dough for Fido

Posted December 12, 2017 @ 10:06am

No Bread Dough for FidoHomemade bread. It’s delicious any time of the year! The wonderful aroma as it comes out of the oven. The satisfaction you feel from making wholesome food from scratch. The smiles created from sharing your craft with family and friends....


Xylitol: It's Not So Sweet

Posted September 12, 2017 @ 10:37am

Xylitol: It's Not So SweetXylitol is a sugarless sweetener. It’s commonly found in chewing gums because of its sweet taste and oral health benefits for humans. While safe for people, this sweetener can pose life-threatening toxicity to our canine friends.Please...


Why is My Dog Not Eating?

Posted August 22, 2017 @ 12:28pm

Why is My Dog Not Eating?It was a scary day the day my dog, Dexter, refused to eat his breakfast. He is a Labrador - a dog that never skips breakfast, dinner, or the occasional lunch from grandma. He has a slow feeder bowl to prevent his kibbles from disappearing in under...


Did You Hear That!? Noise Aversion in Dogs

Posted June 27, 2017 @ 10:57am

Did You Hear That!? Noise Aversion in DogsBOOM! POW! BANG! These sounds may evoke exciting feelings of 4th of July celebrations and other summertime fun; however, those same sounds may be a source of fear for Fido. Canine noise aversion (a.k.a. noise anxiety, noise reactivity, or noise...


Should I Make My Dog Vomit at Home?

Posted May 30, 2017 @ 2:27pm

Should I Make My Dog Vomit at Home? Put down the peroxide bottle and read this. I did an Internet search on “how to make a dog vomit” and the results were shocking! You truly can find anything on the Internet. The scary part of this Internet adventure is the...


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