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 , Cherie


Assistant Technician Team Lead

Cherie’ came to AERC as an intern in 2012, and she was hired on in 2013. She has followed interests in many specialties, but she fell in love with our Emergency and Critical Care Department. In 2018, she was promoted to Assistant Technician Team Lead. Her professional interests include emergency stabilization, anesthesia, and anything involving a Labrador or Golden Retriever!

Outside of work, Cherie’ volunteers weekly at a Children’s Museum and enjoys spending time with her sister and her niece.

She also just loves hanging out around a fire or working on the garden with her husband, Alex, at their country home. They also enjoy sunset four-wheeler rides and $1 McDonald’s ice cream cones. (But who doesn’t?)

Cherie’ and Alex have two dogs (Charley, and Elly, one of our blood donors) and seven backyard chickens.